The Product Control Interview and How to Beat It

The Product Control Interview can vary slightly depending on the employer.  The content of the interview will also, of course, depend on the level of the role being applied for.  That said, the core competencies of a Product Control role are common across employers and, by and large, interviews will follow a similar format.

The exception to this rule is graduate or newly qualified accountant assessment centres.  At these, as well as a formal ‘standard’ Product Control Interview, there will be additional requirements normally including a group exercise and an individual presentation. What follows serves as a guide for the standard Product Control Interview so please do read on.

Competition for places in Investment Banking and Finance in general is fierce.  As you progress through your career multiple rounds of interviews are common.

The popularity of competency interviews makes it essential to know your resume inside out and interview preparation is the key to success.

Questions in a Product Control Interview and indeed most finance banking interview questions can be split into 3 main themes.  The following series of articles focuses on each of these interviewing styles.

We list some frequently asked interview questions and answers gathered during our years of experience of Product Control and Finance Assessment Centre interviews and give some context to each question in order to make sure you have the best Product Control Interview preparation possible:

Competency Based Interviews

Resume / CV Based Interviews

Technical Interviews

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